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Here's what's included in your Professional Standard Installation Package

Standard installation

  • Flo device with plug in power supply and installation components

  • Installation by trained, licensed professional

  • Post-installation testing

  • FloProtect 30-day Free trial

  • Flo solutions team phone support


Installation requirements

  • Above ground and accessible main water supply line

  • Main water supply line must be 1” or smaller for the 3/4” device and 1-1/2” or smaller for the 1-1/4” device

  • Standard power outlet accessible within 10 ft. of the install location 

  • Smartphone (iPhone or Android)

  • Home Wi-Fi

Check our service area.

4 Steps to Protecting your Home with Flo


Order Flo Device with Installation


Receive & Set Up on Home Network


Technician Installs Flo Device


Your Home is Protected!

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