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  • What is the difference between ¾ and 1 ¼ inch Flo by Moen devices?
    Both devices feature the same benefits and basic functions. For a 1-inch or smaller supply line, the ¾ inch device is recommended. For supply lines that are 1¼ inch to 1-1/2 inch, the 1¼ inch device is recommended.
  • I have a 1 inch supply line. Should I buy a ¾ or a 1¼ inch Flo by Moen device?
    Homes with a 1 inch supply line have the option to chose installing a ¾ or a 1¼ inch Flo by Moen device.
  • I do not want to reduce my main supply line from 1-inch to ¾ inch. Can I install the 1¼ inch Flo by Moen device on my 1 inch supply line?
    Yes, going up to a Flo by Moen device size larger than your main supply line can be done. From our testing we found that the ¾ inch Flo by Moen device will operate properly on homes with 1-inch supply lines.
  • Will the 1¼ in Flo by Moen device work on a 2 inch supply line or larger?
    The 1¼ inch Flo by Moen device can be installed on plumbing supply lines up to 1½ inch. For supply lines larger than 1½ inch, please consult with a licensed plumber and refer to your local plumbing codes, or contact for any assistance.
  • What's Included in an installation package?
    Our standard installation package includes: Flo device with plug in power supply and installation components Installation by trained, licensed professional Post-installation testing FloProtect 30-day Free trial Flo solutions team phone support
  • I ordered my Flo Smart Valve with Professional Installation from - what happens next?
    Your Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff device will be shipped directly to your home with instructions on installing the free Flo by Moen app on your smart phone and pairing your device in the app through your home Wi-Fi network. We'll contact you to schedule your installation on a day convenient for you. A trained, background-checked, licensed technician will install and test your new Flo Smart Device. Home or away - enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is protected around the clock from leaks and water damage.
  • Where is the Flo by Moen device installed?
    Flo by Moen is installed on the main water supply line after the main shutoff and before any pipes split into the home.
  • Can I install Flo myself?
    We recommend that Flo is installed by a trained, licensed installFLOnow technician.
  • Does Flo need a power connection?
    Flo requires a standard 120V power connection to work.
  • My plumbing is bigger than ¾ inch. Can I still install Flo?
    Yes, Flo can be installed on up to 1-1/2 inch lines, with the use of proper fittings. If your line is over 1-1/2 inch, you can still install Flo, however there’s an increased risk of pressure loss.
  • Can I install Flo in a home with a well system?
    Yes, for well systems, we recommend installing the Flo device on the potable water line located after the well system pump and water storage tank. Installation of a wye strainer with 100 mesh screen and blow-down port is recommended prior to the Flo device to capture sediment particles.
  • Can I install Flo by Moen on my fire sprinkler line?
    Do not install on fire suppression or sprinkler systems!
  • Is Flo compatible with a hot water recirculation loop?
    Yes. Note however that in the event that Flo shuts off your home’s water supply, it’s recommended that you also shut off the recirculation pump to avoid unnecessary wear. It is also recommended that the power or pilot to the water heater/boiler also be shut off.
  • What is Learning Mode?
    After Flo by Moen is installed, it will automatically go into a Learning mode for approximately the first week of use. During this time, the system is learning what is normal water use for your home. It’s important to use your water regularly during this period. Other modes are disabled during this period. After the device is done learning, it will automatically switch to the Home mode and begin securing the home.
  • What’s the difference between Home, Away, and Sleep modes?"
    Home mode is for normal or day-to-day use. Home Mode activates the regular protection expected from the Flo by Moen System. Away mode is for when you’re away from the home for an extended period of time, like on vacation. Because the system knows no one is home, it will take quicker action to protect the home if it detects any abnormal events. Sleep mode is for when you’re intentionally using an abnormal amount of water (e.g. filling a pool, etc.). This mode ignores all proactive and real-time tests, parameters, and quiets all alarm notifications, effectively putting Flo by Moen to sleep. Sleep mode should only be used when irregular water use is planned.
  • What happens if the power goes out?
    Your Flo by Moen System does not turn your water off in the event of a power outage. If you want to turn your water off when the power is out (or in case of other emergencies), you can use the hex key and green manual knob on the Flo by Moen device to turn your water off/on. Please reference the instructional card provided with Flo by Moen on how to manually turn off/on the water. Damage can occur to the device if done incorrectly.
  • Can Flo by Moen automatically shut off the water?
    Yes, in the event that Flo by Moen detects a critical leak in your home’s plumbing system, it can automatically shut off the water to protect your home. You can turn it back on through your Flo by Moen app, or by manually turning the green knob on the device. Please reference the instructional card provided with Flo by Moen on how to manually turn off/on the water. Permanent damage can occur to the device if done incorrectly.
  • What do I do if Flo by Moen shuts off my water?
    If Flo by Moen shuts off water to a home, it has most likely taken action due to a critical condition, like prolonged water use or high rate of water flow. Check your alert history to see why the water was shut off. After this, we recommend inspecting your entire home for any visible water damage, you can also reference the email you’ll have received from Flo by Moen helping you diagnose where the problem might have come from. Once it is safe to do so, turn your water back on through your Flo by Moen Mobile App. Access the Control Panel from the menu, tap or slide the on / off switch at the bottom of the screen to allow water to flow back into the home.
  • Is there a manual shut off?
    Yes, the green knob on the top of the device can be used to manually turn your water off / on. We recommend this only be used for emergencies though. To manually shut off or turn on the water use the supplied hex key, insert it into the hex cutout on the top of the knob, push down all the way, and turn one quarter turn (clockwise or counterclockwise) to the open or closed position. The valve status light will indicate a solid green LED when it is in the open position, and solid red when it is in the closed position. The knob must be completely pressed down before turning. Failing to do so risks permanent damage to the Flo by Moen device.
  • If Flo by Moen shuts off the water, will that damage any of my appliances?"
    Most appliances will be fine, but it is recommended to follow appliance manufacturers’ guidelines for handling extended periods with water shut-off for the following: re-circulating pumps, water heater, boiler. Please make sure downstream fixtures are open before opening the main water valve to the home. High-pressure and sudden fast water flow can cause internal damage to the Flo by Moen device or vulnerable fixtures.
  • Can Flo by Moen survive in hard water conditions?
    Yes, Flo by Moen has been thoroughly tested and designed to withstand all common potable water conditions.
  • Does the Flo by Moen device monitor my irrigation?
    Flo by Moen is designed and intended to protect the plumbing inside your home. A typical recommended installation will not monitor irrigation. However, you may choose to monitor all the water entering the property.
  • Does Flo by Moen work on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networks?
    The Flo by Moen device is currently designed to operate solely under the 2.4ghz frequency range for wireless connectivity. The 2.4ghz band provides longer range compared the 5ghz.
  • Does the Flo by Moen device integrate with other smart home systems?
    Flo by Moen has integrations with third-party smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT.
  • What if my router does not support 2.4GHz?
    Routers that support 5GHz will often operate under a dual-band mode and also support 2.4GHz devices. Refer to router instructions or contact the manufacturer for assistance. Use of a dual-band wireless network repeater/range extender that can connect to the 5GHz network will also allow 2.4GHz devices to be connected to the extended network. Please contact Flo by Moen support for more information.
  • What is the Flo Smart Water Detector
    The Flo Smart Water Detector utilizes the free Flo by Moen App to offer customizable leak protection throughout your home. Use alone or with the Flo Smart Shutoff Valve for maximum protection. Place detectors throughout your home to detect moisture or freezing temperatures. Recommended locations include: water heaters, toilets, sinks, and washing machines. If an issue is detected, you will receive real-time alerts from your Flo by Moen App. When used with the Smart Water Shutoff, a leak sensed by the Detector can immediately trigger the shut-off feature to protect the home from water damage.
  • Leak Detected Alert
    If your Smart Water Detector senses water, it will beep and flash red. You will also receive an alert on your Flo by Moen App. When used together, the Smart Water Detector will communicate with the Smart Water Shutoff to turn your water off if a leak is detected. You can opt-out of this setting in the Device Settings section of your app. If you receive this alert, go to the physical location of your device to check for any potential issues.
  • Low Battery Alert
    If your Smart Water Detector is low on battery you will receive an alert through the Flo by Moen app informing you to change the battery soon.
  • Device Offline Alert
    Device Offline is a system warning that your Flo by Moen Smart Water Detector has been disconnected from the internet for an extended period of time, which means limited functionality of the system. To get your Smart Water Detector back online, here are some tips: 1. Check your homes internet connection. If your internet connection is down this could be the main reason that your device has gone offline. Check with your ISP for assistance with getting your home's internet connection back online. Once your internet connection is established use your Flo by Moen app to check that your device is back online. If your internet connection is properly functioning, move on to the next step. 2. Verify that your Smart Water Detector has power. To check this, open the Flo by Moen app and navigate to your Smart Water Detectors settings. You can find the battery level in the device details page. If the battery level is low or at 0%, open the device and replace the battery. NOTE: During times that the water security device cannot communicate with the Home Water Security System's cloud servers, you will not receive alert notifications, cannot remotely shut off your water, cannot see real time data, etc. Because of the limited functionality, we strongly recommend troubleshooting the situation as soon as possible.
  • Low Temperature Alert
    Your Smart Water Detector is capable of detecting low to freezing temperatures in your plumbing system and home. Depending on the physical location of your Smart Water Detector, if you receive this alert you may want to inspect the area for any potential issues.
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